Labels and Tags

                                    Find out what we have to offer in terms of Labels and Tags.

Labels and Product Tags

We manufacture labels and product labels for manual or automatic application.

We do it in different materials, depending on the product requirement, (paper, polypropylene, polyethylene, metallized, thermal, fluorine, premium papers), and the desired characteristics. Informative, identifying, with Braille, with screen printing, with prints, double-sided or hidden codes.

Thermal Labels

We provide thermal labels for any type of scale, labeler or printer.

With a wide use in food products, such as fruits and vegetables, meats, drinks, hygiene and cleaning products, oils and oils as well as in non-food products, we always guarantee adequate optical readings of bar codes and other informative and distinctive elements.

We have a wide range of adhesives / glue to suit the conditioning, preservation or display of the product (frozen glue, anti-grease, rubber adhesive and others).

Safety Labels

In order to protect your products, we are able to provide you with the security labels that best suit your needs:

Tracking labels Void or metal cadena, numbered labels, with security seals, with coded printing, as micro printing or with printing using ultraviolet inks.

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