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So that we can quickly make you an offer on the product you want, we need you to give us, in the first phase, some elements.
Choose the desired option:

Labels and Tags

Dimensions in mm, as shown.
Number of Labels per roll, desired paper and adhesive quality and type of application (manual or automatic)

Thermal Rolls

Dimensions in mm, as shown.
Material Type (thermal, offset, etc ...), measured according to the image and if possible the number of linear meters of the roll.

Packaging Films

In addition to the coil width and its dimension, in linear meters, we also need to know the type of material, micrage and type of application. For printed films, inform the number of colors.

In order to answer you more conveniently we need to know:

• Type of support (Bottle, flask, glass, etc.).
• Measurements or technical drawing of the product.
• Target amounts.
• Type of supply (in coil or cut in units).